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William Carr


CARR, William, 13 Jan 1702-3; 24 Feb 1703. Home Plantation to son Joseph;
daughters Sarah and Elizabeth plantation; daughter Hannah 100 acres; daughter Martha
100 acres; daughter Mary 150 acres; daughter Ann 70 acres land;  to daughter Jane Carr remaining land; wife Sarah, friends Daniel McCarty and George ESKRIDGE trustees and guardians.

William Carr, Reg Feb 2, 1702.
        To son Joseph Carr my now dwelling plantation.
        To daughter Sarah Carr, that plantation now in possession of William
        To daughter Elizabeth Carr, the plantation where David Thomas now liveth,
100 acres by estimation.
        To two daughter Hannah and Martha Carr 100 acres in the forest on Nominy.
        To daughter Mary Carr, 150 acres in the forest of Nominy.
        To daughter Ann Carr, seventy acres joining land of two daughters Hannah
Martha, and Mary.
        To daughter Jane the remaining part of land bought of Samuel Earle, if she
lives to age 18.
        To wife Sarah Carr.
        Signed William Carr.

Will of Sarah Carr, widow of William Carr, made November 1, 1726
        To daughter Elizabeth Bailey my clothes.
        Residue of estate to daughter Ann Carr.
        29 Mar 1727

*William Carr (1650 - 1702)
is my 7th great grandfather
Daughter of *William Carr and Sarah Eskridge
Son of *Elizabeth Carr Bailey
*Catherine Bailey (1746 - 1771) married to William Wrighter Brannan
Daughter of *John Bailey and Catherine Wright
Son of *Catherine Bailey Brannan and William H Brannon
Son of *William Wrighter Brannan and Mary Paine
Daughter of *Lorenzo Dow Brannan and Keziah Barnhouse
Son of *Rebecca Elizabeth Brannan and Andrew Lute
*Doran Edgar Lute (1901 - 1982) married Margaret Mae Belle Bramblett
Son of *Charles William Lute and Mary Lou Ella Stewart

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