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Mary Lou Ella Stewart (1883 - 1938)

Mary Lou Ella Stewart is the youngest  of Noah Stewart's twenty-one children.  Her father, Noah, died when she was age sixteen.   At age seventeen she married a handsome young man named Charles William Lute.  Their first child, Edna, died in infancy.  They had two other children, Doran Edgar Lute and Irene Winfred Lute.
 Mary and her husband decided to raft down the Ohio River in 1905, traveling from Portsmouth to Missouri, when tragedy struck the young family.  Her husband, Charles William Lute, died from pneumonia and was buried at Cincinnati, Ohio.  Mary was left with two young children ages four and one and no way to support them.  She soon married a widower named Marion Laird who had three children by his first wife.  They added four more children to the household in the next ten years. All was not well in the household and Doran was not welcomed by her new husband and his children.  Doran was sent by train all by himself from Illinois to Ohio to live with his paternal grandmother, Rebecca Elizabeth Brannan Lute Monroe.  This was a frightening trip for a five year old child.  Her second husband died in 1922 leaving her with a thirteen year old, an eleven year old, and a six year old.  She married a third time to Arthur P Eltzroth, a widower with two young children.
Mary Lou Ella died at age 54 after suffering for three years from cancer of the gallbladder. Through all of her intense suffering she manifested a spirit of patience and testified to her faith in God. She had joined the German Baptist Church  as a small child.

Mary Lou Ella Stewart, Charles William Lute, Doran Edgar Lute

Mary Lou Ella Stewart , Irene Lute, Doran Edgar Lute

Doran Edgar Lute and Mary Lou Ella Stewart

Mary Lou Ella Stewart * (1883 - 1938)
is our paternal grandmother

Son of Mary Lou Ella Stewart and Charles William Lute

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