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John Jehu Cox (1803-1893)

John Jehu Cox is the nephew of Enoch Cox and our first cousin a few generations back.  He has an interesting story and I have it from his journal.  There are also pictures of him so it may give us an idea what this family looks like.
The original journal is written in old-fashioned script longhand. It is thought that it was written about 1877, when Jehu was 74 years old. In order to make the diary a bit easier to read present day spelling and punctuation have been substituted where needed. The meaning has not been changed in any way, but in cases where subject matter and words did not seem to be clear they have been enclosed in parenthesis. The journal follows:
"Jehu Cox, history of my forefathers to the best of my memory. My great grandfather, his name was Solomon Cox, he lived in the state of Pennsylvania when my grandfather was born. My grandfather was the youngest of fifteen children, and his name was Solomon after his father. My grandfather married Amy Hussey and lived in Virginia, and raised a family of 10 children (and the first child) and the last died with her tenth child; her name was Mary, she married a man, his name was Thomas Mahan. My grandfathers family was 5 sons and 5 daughters. My uncle's names were Solomon and Absolom and Christopher and Thomas, who is my father, and Steven. My aunt's names were Martha, and Amy and Mary and Ruthy, the other I have forgot. (Ann).Jehu Cox, the son of Thomas Cox, was born in the state of Kentucky, Knox County, Sept. 5, 1803. When I was three weeks old my father moved to Green River in the state of Kentucky, and when I was 9 months old my right hand was burnt, and when I was 6 years old in the year 1809, my father moved to the state of Ohio, to Salt Creek which runs in to the Scioto, then called Ross Count, 24 miles feast of Chillicothe. When I was 11 years old I lived with my grandfather Solomon Cox 3 years and when I was 15 years old in 1818 my father moved to the state of Indiana, Monroe County, Bloomington the count seat. In 1820 father moved 12 miles east of Bloomington on Salt Creek, the waters of (Wabash) River, and there I got acquainted with Srah Pyle and we was married Jan 13, 1824.Here I made a farm and we lived 4 years and we had 3 children - Rosanah, Edward and Thomas. Edward and Thomas died and we were sick every year and we thought that we would move and in Dec. 1827 we moved to Wabash, Warren County, Indiana, where Henderson Cox was born Nov. 6, 1829, and in 1830 (we) moved with my father-in-law to Vermillion River, Vermillion County, state of Illinois, where we were all sick. Here we made a farm and raised a crop. Here was the milk sickness and I lost while at this place 5 head of horses and a good many cattle. And in 1831 (we) moved to Indiana, Putnam County, Greencastle the county seat, and bought 80 acres of land and opened a farm in the heaviest of timber and lived here 4 years where I had my health but my wife was sick most of the time. Here Sarah Cox was born Feb. 28, 1832, and Mary Jane Cox was born Sept. 19, 1833, and Elias Cox was born Jan. 15, 1835.I told my wife that we would move until we could find a healthy place, so we started in 1835 and went to the state of Missouri on the Ozark Mountain in Crawford County where (we made) a farm and we all had good health, and here Rachel Cox was born March 17, 1836, and Jehu Cox was born June 15, 1837, and hear Isiah Cox was born May 18, 1839.We embraced Mormonism. I was baptized on Jan 12, 1838 by Benjamin Clapp and your mother was baptized in Feb. 1839 by Isaac Allread, and I was ordained elder under the hands of Benjamin Clapp and Isaac Allread, and in Nov, 1839, we moved to Adams County, Ilinois, below Quincy, where I raised two crops, and here Lucnecy Cox was born in Adams County, Illinois, De. 21, 1842, and was blessed by Joseph Fielding, and when we were coming up Platte River to the (Valley) she was run over with a wagon and died June 15, 1848.Then I moved to hancock County, Illinois, within three miles of Nauvoo, where Emmy Cox was born June 16, 1844, and here Nephi Cox was born in Hancock, Illinois, March 20, 1846, and was blest by Joseph Fielding, and died April 29, 1846.And Here we lived 4 years, and in May the 20th, 1846, we left Nauvoo and came to (Pishey) and planted some corn, and then word came for all that wanted to come to the bluffs on the Missouri River and there the Mormon Battalion was made up and Henderson Cox went in the Mormon Battalion and in July 22, 1846 we stayed at what was called the point on the east of the Missouri River until the spring of 1847, and then moved to the west of the river 7 miles above winter quarters and made a crop and Br. Campbell's farm and here Joshua Cox was born in the Omaha country 7 miles above winter quarters, July 14, 1847, and died the same day.In the spring of 1848 we started for the mountains, we left the farms the 28th of April and went to winter quarters, and stayed there until the 18th of May and then went to the Born River and stopped there until the 7th of June and then started up the (Platte River?) and about the 10th was appointed Captain of 10 in Br. (Haraman's) company by Br. Heber (Kimbell) and we landed where Salt Lake City now stands Sept. 24, 1848.My ordinations: I was ordained elder by Benjamin Clapp and Isaac Allread Feb. 1838, and was ordained a (saint) by Benjamin Clapp and Daniel D. Hunt Jan. 18, 1851, and I was ordained a high priest and counsellor to Silas Richards by Edward Hunter and Willard Snow and Daniel Spencer, and since I have lived in (Sanpet Co.) at Fairview, I have been counselor to three bishops: James Jones and Andrew Peterson and Amasa Fulker, and am president of the high priest forum in Fairview, and am vice president of the United Order in Fairview (Utah).
John Jehu Cox . (1803 - 1893)
is our 1st cousin 4x removed

Father of John Jehu Cox
Father of Thomas Isaac Cox and our fourth great grandfather
Son of Solomon Cox and Amy Naomi Hussey
Daughter of Enoch Cox and Gertrude Cox
Son of Phoebe Hinton Cox and James Stewart
Daughter of Noah Stewart and Mary Springer
Son of Mary Lou Ella Stewart and Charles William Lute

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