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Daniel Duval (1675-1717)
Daniel Duval was an honored Chevalier de France, a title equivalent to the present one of Knight in England. The earliest of the name that can be traced in Normandy France is one Richard DuVal, 1260, Sieur de France, a title of respect.
Daniel DuVal, Huguenot Refugee, landed in America on March 5, 1701. He settled in Ware parish, Gloucester County, Virginia. He came on the ship "Nassau" commanded by Captain Traian, leaving from Blackwell in London, Dec. 8, 1700 with 197 passengers, landing in York River, Va. "DuVals of Kentucky from Virginia, Margaret G. Buchanan.

"It seems that most French refugees settled at Manakin Towne on the James River, a tract of 10,000 acres, formerly belonging to the extinct tribe of Monacan Indians. We presume however, that Daniel DuVal brought enough money with him to settle elsewhere. Records show that he settled in Ware parish, Gloucester county, Va.

 Daniel DuVal soon became established as an architect and joiner.

 Daniel DuVal  was born about 1675 in Normandy, France; died about 1740 in Gloucester Co, VA. He married Philadelphia DuBois about 1700 in France.   Philadelphia DuBois, born 1677 in Brive, Correze, France; died 1715 in Gloucester Co, VA. She was the daughter of 1666. Jean DuBois and 1667. Marie Deyaget. Notes for Daniel DuVal I:Daniel DuVal came from Lorraine La Ville Remiremont in Normandy, France.

 As a Huguenot, he sought refuge from France after the revocation of the Edict of Nance. He sailed on The Nassau, an independent ship of Huguenots, at their own expense, from Blackwall, London, England, on December 8, 1700, landing in the York River on March 5, 1701. He is shown in records of Ware Parish, Gloucester County, VA, in 1704, practicing his profession as an architect and "joiner".

 Notes for Philadelphia DuBois: According to Margaret Buchanan, a DuVal descendant, Philadelphia married Daniel DuVal in France and under the protection of her uncle, Abbe' DuBois, she was advised to disguise herself as a courier of the King and escaped to England where she joined her husband who had been compelled by his convictions to give up his native home and sought refuge in friendly England.
It features a Huguenot Cross, and the following inscription: "In Memory of Daniel DuVal. An architect and Huguenot refugee he immigrated to Virginia from England on March 5, 1701 aboard the ship Nassau and by 1704 was established in Ware Parish." Erected by the DuVal Family Association on the anniversary of his arrival 2001"         
Daniel Duval *Chevalier (1675 - 1717)
is our 6th great grandfather
son of Daniel Duval *Chevalier
daughter of Benjamin DuVal *
daughter of Sally Duval  *
daughter of Rebecca Stockwell *
daughter of Nancy Springer *
daughter of Mary Mariah Springer
son of Mary Lou Ella Stewart *

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