Friday, June 21, 2013

Edward Lawrence (1693-1786)

Edward Lawrence was born 29 September 1693 in Northumberland,Virginia and died 28 October 1786 in Fauquier, Virginia. His grandfather John Joseph Lawrence immigrated from England in about 1635 to Mass. His great grandfather, Henry Lawrence, soon followed. They were most probably Puritans.

Edward Lawrence supplied beef for the Revolutionary Army. Found in Fauquier Co. VA Will Book 2, page 82. Public Service Claims Certificates, #252-1 and 252-2, issued to Edward Larrance 28 Nov 1780 and 16 Sep 1781.  It appears four of his sons also fought in the Revolutionary war.

Edward Lawrence * (1693 - 1786)
is our 6th great grandfather
son of Edward Lawrence *
daughter of Peter Lawrence *
son of Nancy Ann Lawrence *
son of William Bramblett *Jr.
son of Fielding Bramblett *
son of George Edward Bramblett *
daughter of Walter Scott Bramblett *


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