Sunday, September 23, 2012

Genetic Ethnicity of Lute / Bramblett Lines

Keep in mind: Our prediction of your genetic ethnicity is not yet finalized. As we gather more DNA samples and continue our research we expect your ethnicity results to become more accurate and perhaps more detailed. 

Genetic Ethnicity
· British Isles      80%
· Scandinavian   15%
· Uncertain           5%
About your ethnicity 

Your genetic ethnicity reveals where your ancestors lived hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of years ago. This may update over time as new genetic signatures are discovered. 

Compare to your family tree 

Comparing your genetic ethnicity to the known birth locations in your tree can help fill in gaps, find potential relatives and offer clues on places to look. 

USA              66%
Other             18%
England           9%
Scotland          7%

  Birth locations in your tree

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