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Nicholas Lute

Nicholas Lute and wife, Mary, came into Westmoreland County from Chester County, PA.  He lived in Chester County in 1769.  He began improvements on his Westmoreland Plantation of 422 acres, 155 Perches in 1772.  It was surveyed in 1785 and patented to him under warrant #77 in 1788.  The land lay in the Ligonier Valley, Fairfield Township of Westmoreland County, PA.  In a will made in 1802 on record in Greensburg, PA, they had 11 children, oldest George, youngest, Barbara.

Two sons married Brendlinger sisters - Andrew married Magdelene Brendlinger, Jacob married Elisabeth Brendlinger.  Martha's husband was Jeremiah Bradley, George's wife, Elisabeth Wallace, Catherine married a Robert, and Barbara was married to Henry Wisnor.

Nicholas Lute came to the wilderness of western Pennsylvania in March of 1772. He settled in what became Fairfield Township in Westmoreland County. Westmoreland County was formed in in 1773 from part of Bedford County. In 1772, Nicholas established a plantation of 422 acres, and called it Lutesburg.  Nicholas had 3 wives, all of whom were named Mary.   His third wife was Mary Catherine Good, a widow. She had a son named David. The maiden names of the first two wives are unknown.  All of Nicholas' children were born at Lutesburg. The children sold their shares of Lutesburg Plantation to a wealthy neighbor, Robert Huton. Nicholas' sons, Andrew and Jacob are the only children known to have remained in Pennsylvania.

Nicholas Lute (1752 - 1802)
is our 3rd great grandfather
Son of *Nicholas Lute and Mary ?
Son of *George Nicholas and Elizabeth Margaret Wallace
Son of *Andrew George Lute and Rebecca Elizabeth Brannon 
*Doran Edgar Lute (1901 - 1982) married Margaret Mae Belle Bramblett
Son of *Charles William Lute and Mary Lou Ella Stewart

Land Deed of Nicholas Lute