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Hume Family

Hume Family

The Hume family records go well back in the Middle-Ages.  If you have ever seen the movie Braveheart, you have an idea of the life of this warrior family.  The family had the tragic distinction of seeing every first son die either in battle or as a prisoner of the English from 1413 to 1576, a time when life in the border country was often short and brutal. Sir David Hume’s grandson, of the same name, and the eldest of his seven sons, Sir George both died at the battle of Flodden Field in 1513 and may be buried in the burial ground there.

The union of the Scottish and English crowns under James in 1603 began the long path to the formal Act of Union in 1707. This brought an unfamiliar calm to the border country. Landed families could concentrate their revenues on building grand houses without concern for fortification and engage in the rapid intellectual and philosophical (and recreational) developments now known as the Scottish Enlightenment. But our colonial story starts with an orphaned twelve year-old girl by the name of Barbara Hume whose family fled from religious and political persecution in 1682.

Present Day Wedderburn Castle 

David (Laird Wedderburn) Hume *Sir (1520 - 1574)
is our 12th great grandfather
George (Barron ofWedderburn) Hume * Sir (1550 - 1616)
son of David (Laird Wedderburn) Hume *Sir
David (Laird of Wedderburn) Hume * (1586 - 1650)
son of George (Barron of Wedderburn) Hume * Sir
son of David (Laird of Wedderburn) Hume *
son of George Hume * Sir
daughter of James Hume Sir*
daughter of Barbara Hume *
son of Mary Hogue *
son of Mark Hardin *
son of Benjamin Hardin *
son of Daniel Hardin *
daughter of Martin V Hardin *
son of Nancy Wilson Hardin *
daughter of Walter Scott Bramblett *

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  1. Sir George Hume was my 8th. Great Grandfather. His daughter married Catherine married James Caldwell 1655.