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Johan Gustaffson 1618-1682

Many countries were involved in the colonizing of the New World.  Our family results from most of these countries.  There were disputes among these countries until we were finally a sovereign nation unto ourselves. This is but one example.

"Johan Gustaffson from the Kinnekulle area, Skaraborg Iän, came to New Sweden in 1643 as a soldier under Governor Printz. Printz' successor, Governor Rising, promoted him to the position of a gunner and, as such, he was stationed at Fort Trinity (New Castle) in 1655 when Captain Sven Skute surrendered the fort to the Dutch. . . After the surrender of New Sweden to the Dutch, Johan Gustafsson moved northward to Kingsessing where he died c. 1682, leaving a widow and at least eleven children. They kept Gustafsson as their surname, but it was heard and written by the English as Eustafason, Justison, etc. [John Gustafsson's name last appears in a public record on 14 March 1681/2 when it was agreed that the lawsuit by Peter [Mattson] Dalboe vs. John Eustasson for trespass would be referred to arbitration. CCR, 1:11-12]. Justis, Justus or Justice finally evolved as the family surname. By 1693, several members of the family had married and left home: Gustaf, Mans, Anna and Hans"

"Kinnekulle is a large wooded hill or plateau, nine miles long and four miles across, rising 860 feet above Lake Vanern in Skaraborg County in central Sweden. This was the home area of the Swedish soldier Johan Gustafsson, progenitor of numerous Justice, Justis and justus descendants in America. Johan Gustafsson came to New Sweden on the Swam in 1643 on the fourth Expedition and was initially stationed at Fort Elfsborg, commonly called 'Fort Mosquito' by the men living there. The fort was located on the east side of the Delaware River near the present town of Salem, N.J. Governor Rising replaced Governor Printz as Governor in 1654 and promoted Gustasson to the rank of gunner, transferring him to Fort Trinity at present New Castle, Delaware. While there, Johan Gustafsson married Brita Mansdotter, whose father Mans Andersson was then living nearby

"After the surrender of New Sweden to the Dutch in September 1655, Johan Gustafsson decided to join his countrymen in the new, self-governing 'Swedish Nation' located north of the Christina River. He established his plantation in Kingsessing (West Philadelphia) on the banks of the Schuylkill River. The English patent for this plantation, dated 16 May 1669, named him John 'Eustas' and described the tract as including 150 acres. He later expanded his holding to 300 acres. Johan Gustafsson died in Kingsessing around 1682 and was survived by his wife Brita and eleven children. Half of his plantation went to his eldest son. The other half was sold in 1699.

Johan Gustafsson * (1618 - 1682)
is our 8th great grandfather
Gustaf Gustafsson (1655 - 1722)
son of Johan Gustafsson *
Mans Justis * (1684 - 1774)
son of Gustaf Gustafsson
Catherine Justis * (1718 - 1790)
daughter of Mans Justis *
Magness McDonald * (1750 - 1809)
son of Catherine Justis *
John or Jack McDonald or McDaniel * (1794 - 1855)
son of Magness McDonald *
Nancy S McDonald * (1843 - 1869)
daughter of John or Jack McDonald or McDaniel *
Martin Crenshaw Holland * (1868 - 1940)
son of Nancy S McDonald *
Ollie Florence Holland * (1892 - 1969)
daughter of Martin Crenshaw Holland *
Margaret May Belle Bramblett * (1911 - 1988)
daughter of Ollie Florence Holland *

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