Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anne Tailboys (1516-1566)

Anne Tailboys Dymoke, brought more royal ancestry to our tree.  She was descended from two sons of King Edward III, Lionel, Duke of Clarence and John, Duke of Clarence.

Americans of Royal Descent: A Collection of Genealogies of American Families Whose Lineage is Traced to the Legimate Issue of Kings"; By Charles Henry Browning; Published by Porter & Costes, 1891.

Anne Tailboys *Lady (1516 - 1566)
is our 10th great grandmother
Daughter of Lady Anne Tailboys and Sir Edward Dymoke
Daughter of Frances Dymoke and Thomas Windebank
Son of Mildred Windebank and Robert Reade
Son of Col. George Reade and Elizabeth Martin(Martiau)
Son of Andrew Reid and Unknown
Daughter of Andrew Reid and Isabelle Barr
Daughter of Jean Reid and John Reid
Son of Jean
Son of James Stewart and Jean Reid
Daughter of Noah Stewart and Mary Springer
Son of Mary Lou Ella Stewart and Charles William Lute

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