Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frances Dymoke (1550-1611)

Frances was born 1550 Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England, d. c1611. She married Thomas WINDEBANK, lord of the Manor of Haines Hall, Berks, England, in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, England. He was knighted in 1603. Farnham, George F. - "Quorndon records", printed in London: Mitchell Hughes and Clarke, 1912, page 345: "The late Queen Elizabeth, being thus seised of the said Reversion, did by indenture date 12th Feb 1583 (26 Elizabeth) grant unto the said Thomas Windebanke, for a term of 30 years, to begin at the expiration of the said lease at the former reserved rent of 41pounds 4sterling." http://www.gordonbanks.com/gordon/family/Lewis_&_Clark/Lewis.html -
Frances Dymoke was the daughter of Sir Edward Dymoke, Knight and Anne Tailboys. She married Sir Thomas Windebank, Knight, b. January 20, 1547/48, d. October 24, 1607, a son of Richard Windebank and Margaret verch Griffith, on 20 August 1566. She died after 3 March 1611.
Scrivelsby Manor Lincolnshire
Frances Dymoke * (1539 - 1611)
is our 9th great grandmother
Daughter of Frances Dymoke and Thomas Windebank
Son of Mildred Windebank and Robert Reade
Son of Col. George Reade and Elizabeth Martin (Martiau)
Son of Andrew Reid and Unknown
Daughter of Andrew Reid and Isabelle Barr
Daughter of Jean Reid and John Reed
Son of Jean Reid and James Stewart
Son of James James Stewart and Phoebe Hintin Cox
Daughter of Noah Stewart and Mary Springer
Son of Mary Lou Ella Stewart and Charles William Lute

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