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Robert Reade (1551-1636)

Mildred was Robert's third wife, married 31/7/1600. "Robert Reade married (third), in 1600, at St. Martins-in-the-field, London, Mildred Windebank, daughter of Sir Thomas Windebank, of Haines Hall, Parish of Hurst, Berkshire, who was clerk of the signet to Queen Elizabeth and King James I. Sir Thomas Windebank married Lady Frances Dymoke, daughter of Sir Edward Dymoke, of Scrivelsby Court, Lincolnshire, Hereditary Championn of England, and his wife, Lady Anne Talbois. Lady Frances Dymoke was of most distinguished lineage, as she was descended in three ways from King Edward I: from the Percys, Earls of Northumberland; the de Veres of Runnymede fame; and from Robert Marmyun, Lord of Castle Fontenaye in Normandy. Robert Marmyun accompanied William the Conquerer to England and was the Champion in full armor at the coronation of William and Matilda. He received the lands and Manor of Scrivelsby as a gift from William on the special condition that he and his heirs should perform the office of Champions to Sovereigns of England, a custom which was followed until the last two coronations. The Marmyun line died out with Lady Joan, but her daughter, Margaret Ludlow, married Sir John Dymoke, and this office continued in the Dymokke family. There are still extant a number of autographed letters from the Sovereigns of England to these Champions. Scrivelsby Court itself has a distinction, as it is the "Locksley Hall" of Tennyson's poems."

From: Robert Reade (--by 12/1626) & Mildred Windebank

Robert Reade * (1551 - 1636)
is our 8th great grandfather
Son of Robert Reade and Mildred Windebank
Son of Col. George Reade and Elizabeth Martin (Martiau)
Son of Andrew Reid and Unknown
Daughter of Andrew Reid and Isabelle Barr
Daughter of Jean Reid and John Reid
Son of Jean Reid and James Stewart
Son of James Stewart and Phebe Hinton Cox
Daughter of Noah Stewart
Son of Mary Lou Ella Stewart and Charles William Lute

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